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CE5 Resources

CE5 Basics PDF

In this free PDF guide, learn the basics of CE5 and how to start

 your own working-group

Comprehensive Educational Materials

At Sirius Disclosure, you will be able to find a plethora of the best papers, books, video and audio resources on the subject of CE5

CE5 Contact App

In addition to all of the other materials on this page, there is an app that makes it super simple to get started forming a group and making contact.

Guided Meditations

I have recorded a couple of guided meditations which are appropriate for CE5 work

CE5 History

If you like the show, then you'll love reading the inspiration behind it. Explore the history of CE5 as told by the people who experienced it from 1992-2009. Get the book: Contact: Countdown to Transformation

Listen to all  available episodes

Watch episodes on YouTube

Explore some great

CE5 resources

Heart & Hands

Support the show and join the team

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