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Guided Meditations

Earth Integration Meditation

Length: 24 minutes

This meditation is appropriate for anyone and can be used in any calm setting. It does not include Coherent Thought Sequencing, so it may be used as a secondary meditation during CE5 gatherings.

Enjoy this calming and clarifying meditation that will help effect the field of consciousness around the earth, and help to center you in the beautiful vision of a healthy future. After a guided relaxation practice, we visualize the integrated nature of the earth and manifest healing on many levels on consciousness. A gentle sound of rain comes in toward the end to leave us feeling enveloped and cleansed by the earth.

Heart of the Universe

(with brief CTS)

Length: 17 minutes

This meditation was recorded during a CE5 group field-work session and is appropriate for use in this type of setting once the group has already settled into a relaxed state and is ready to go deeper in meditation. It includes a brief Coherent Thought Sequencing visualization. It is recommended that the group continue to independently practice Coherent Thought Sequencing in addition to this meditation.

This meditation is useful for expanding our consciousness outward into the universe through the visualized heartspace. It can be done in a group or alone. It can be used to connect to other intelligent beings in the cosmos, or simply as a way of feeling at one with the universe. It is very powerful and was recording out in mountainous nature during a group meditation circle.

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