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ET contact is happening
be a part of it

Tired of endless conflict and disunity amongst the people of earth?

Tired of ecological irresponsibility amongst the world's leaders?

Let's do something radical about it.

The CE5 Initiative is a global grass roots effort that is successfully making documented contact with ET civilizations, for the purpose of establishing peace on earth and beyond.

Because our leaders are not taking the initiative, we the people are bypassing them and making direct contact ourselves. 

Utilizing the new science of consciousness, and a set of methods and principles which have consistently been shown to work over the last 30 years, this citizens' diplomacy movement is growing day-by-day.

This is your story as much as it is anyone elses, so step into your power today and make contact like you were born to do it.

Reviews on Apple Podcasts

Inspiring stories from the CE-5 contact communities
Superbly produced and enjoyable podcast series, featuring beautiful souls around the world engaged in contact work with our cosmic neighbors. Whether new to contact work or not, the episodes are well worth your time and attention. I particularly appreciated the CE-5 Background podcast which ably touches on all the major and relevant themes of the contact movement. And Andre's personal narration lends a sober and credible aspect to this, dare I say, incredible subject! Check it out!

      - Milky Way Mark, 07/06/2019

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind
My favourite podcast right now! :) It's been an absolute pleasure hearing the different interviewees share their unique perspectives on this deeply interesting subject. Really happy to see a program of such quality bringing more attention to this movement at such a pivotal time in human history. Hoping to see CE-5 grow more and more, and bring a much needed shift to our way of life on Earth.

      - AC93945, 08/12/2019

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